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Sanitas Skincare Collagen + Elastin Recovery Mask

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  • This intensive overnight mask combines the powerful properties of vegan, micro-collagen and elastin with a whole host of skin mimicking ingredients to reset skin overnight. This “do it all” gel treatment works by turning on collagen while sleeping, encouraging the skin to produce more. Lightweight yet nourishing, this mask triggers self hydration to deeply infuse moisture and bring new life to dry skin. It simultaneously strengthens a weakened skin surface to limit skin redness while lifting and firming sagging skin. Wrinkles are flash filled and with just one use you will wake up to smoother, dewier and bouncier skin. Used over time, skin will continue to improve and develop more resistance to the signs of aging.Dermatologist approved.Clinically tested for proven results.Safe for sensitive skin.


    Vegan collagen + elastin - a skin changing complex that helps regenerate elasticity, restore lost volume and firm and smooth collagen depleted skin

    Fermented reishi mushroom - naturally high in beta glucan, this potent mushroom alleviates redness, strengthens the skin barrier and locks in hydration

    Vitamin C + niacinimide blend

    vitamins B + C work together to brighten, fade discoloration and help restore lost volume

    2.1 oz.

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