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Jade Roller Beauty

Jade Roller Beauty is the premiere brand for the highest quality jade and gemstone facial rollers. These rollers flush out toxins, stimulate collagen, contour cheekbones and jawline and smooth away fine lines and wrinkles.

Jade has a long-standing reputation as a prized gemstone in many parts of the world. Chinese medicine refers to jade as the “Stone of Heaven”. Jade has been known to relax the nervous system, and aid in the removal of toxins. Jade represents health, wealth, longevity and prosperity. It is said that it has been used by the Mayans and African Egyptians as a massage and meditation tool for over 5000 years.

Jade is believed to heal stressed organs and discharge toxins. It slows the process of cell aging by promoting turnover, and strengthens the body’s natural defenses and healing power by increasing chi, a revitalizing energy in the body. In the same way that your body feels alive and refreshed after cardio, Jade rolling will have the same effect on the facial muscles.

An ancient detox tool... The action of jade rolling increases circulation and rids your skin of toxins via lymphatic drainage. Increased blood flow means your facial muscles will improve in their tone, effectively carving out the cheekbones and jawline. Wrinkles will be smoothed, increased blood flow will act detoxifying to the skin, and lead to more brightness, clarity, and a glowing complexion. Two rollers can be used in tandem during a facial. During a facial you may cool down the jade by placing the roller in the fridge, then use it to effectively reduce dark under-eye circles, or place the jade stones in warm water and roll over any serum to help it penetrate more deeply into the skin!

Jade stones are non-porous and do not harbor bacteria, no added dyes in our rollers + comes with vegan cleaning cloth.